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New Patent Issued on Key Antenna Technology

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)—September 3, 2002--Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc., today reports the issuance of U.S. patent 6,445,352 for “Cylindrical Conformable Antenna With a Planar Substrate”. The new patent is the latest addition to the firm’s expanding IP portfolio, on the fractal antenna and electronics technology it first pioneered and brought to market. 

The new patent discloses Fractal’s ‘ComCyl®’ invention, where fractal or other complex antenna shapes are produced on a planar surface and then wrapped inside a cylinder. This affords, among other options, a high performance multi-band solution without the restrictions given by spring or straight wire alternatives. This is the 4th issued patent assigned to the firm to date. The firm has several dozen pending patents, including two that have recently received notices of allowance (NOA’s). 

The inventor, Nathan Cohen, physicist, radio astronomer, and retired Boston University professor, is the firm’s CTO.  Cohen explains the significance of the invention: “Cylindrical antennae are often a preferred form factor for handheld, base station, and mobile applications. They are very mechanically rugged, but usually hide very modest electrical workings. We reversed the problem and said: ’how can we take the cylinder and make something better electrically?’”  

The improvements allow for a variety of possibilities, including high performance, multi-band stubby antennae on portable wireless devices; extremely broadband mobile ‘whip’ antenna replacements, and very small, even covert, high-gain antennae.


Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc., is privately held and based in Massachusetts at Telecom City. The company was founded in 1995 and develops and commercializes fractal antenna and related innovations in electromagnetics, electronics, and evolutionary computation. It holds an expanding proprietary, patented, and patent pending position on fractal element antennae and related technologies.

The firm has grown and increased revenue through the present technology downturn, and has successfully delivered fractal element antennas and arrays to customers in the industries of WLAN, RFID, military, aerospace, vehicular, marine, wireless, cellular, telematics, security, and many other commercial applications.

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