Defense and Intelligence

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Deep experience in defense and intelligence

We have worked with every branch of the US military, and a broad set of prime defense contractors. No other company can bring to bear the same degree of in-house expertise and experience to meet the special requirements of the government sector.

Unmatched wideband electrical performance

Government and military RF applications demand the most innovative antenna and array solutions available. Our proprietary fractal antennas and fractal metamaterials deliver electrical performance at the forefront of what is technically possible.

Compact and versatile form factor to fit application

Our proprietary technology enables a new design space that results in very compact wideband antenna and array solutions. Due to its compact and embeddable nature, the technology is well adapted to covert applications.

Ruggedized solutions

Our antennas and arrays are rugged and field-proven. Used in many real-world environments, they have been operated under the most demanding military conditions. We are well accustomed with designing and producing to MIL-SPEC.

Defense & Intelligence Capabilities

Ruggedized, Wideband antennas for Defense applications

Electronic Warfare

A fractal antenna’s surprisingly compact design provides superior wideband performance in the small package desired. Compact enough to be mounted or embedded in a variety of locations without conveying their frequency range, fractal antennas can be used for vehicle, marine, airborne, fixed, or personnel-worn applications.

Signal Intelligence

Fractal Antenna Systems provide an excellent trade-off of size, bandwidth, and gain for optimal SIGINT capability. Discreet tubular or planar omni-directional and directional wideband antennas are available. A highly innovative conformable transparent wideband antenna for use on vehicle and building windows provides unparalleled capability for covert operations.

Tactical Communications

With extreme wideband frequency range, fractal antennas are uniquely suited to enable leading performance and interoperability between legacy and new radio architectures . A primary example is Fractal’s MHA, a wideband colinear antenna with excellent gain and omnidirectional pattern over the UHF and microwave range, all in an antenna that is only 42 inches long.

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Defense & Intelligence Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

Continuing a deep history in Defense and Intelligence

We found our beginnings in government and defense work, and still actively serve a wide range of defense and intelligence customers and applications. Over our 20+ year history we have worked with every branch of the US military and many agencies to deliver the most advanced wireless technologies, including a wide range of cutting-edge electronic warfare antennas for the protection of people and things.

Pioneering MIMO technologies with DARPA

We are pioneers in array and MIMO technology. In our early days we worked with DARPA to develop some of the worlds first compact, wideband, MIMO arrays. After "graduating" from DARPA, we have proceeded to push the fronts of array technology, and routinely deliver large array solutions to our government and commercial customers.

Ground penetrating radar antenna for NASA / JPL

Since our beginning, we have worked with some of the most technically advanced organizations in wireless. Our work with NASA / JPL is just one example of such a partnership. Working with these organizations, we developed a ground penetrating radar antenna for NASA / JPL's lunar and mars missions, applying our technology to the front of extraterrestrial discovery.

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