About us

Our Philosophy: "Practical Innovation"

A History of Technical Leadership

Dr Cohen's seminal paper in
Commnunications Quarterly circa 1995

In 1988 Dr. Cohen, our founder and current CEO, built the world’s first fractal element antenna. After building an impressive technology portfolio and proving that fractal antennas are more compact and powerful than their traditional brethren, Dr. Cohen took the next step in 1995 and co-founded Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc., to begin delivering the world’s first fractal-based commercial antenna solutions.

Over the last ~23 years we have continued to push the front of technical understanding. We have both deepened the theory of fractal antennas, and have deployed fractal antennas in a vast range of commercial and government applications. We have also ushered in the age of metamaterials, with our seminal research on the capabilities and benefits of fractal metamaterials. We hold the source IP across a broad range of fractal antenna and fractal metamaterial technologies and applications.

Innovation Grounded in Pragmatism

We are not pie in the sky innovators. We use our technical leadership and innovative technologies to deliver practical solutions to our customers. We recognize the operational realities of our customers and ensure that we deliver solutions which meet their actual needs in an economical way.

Through both our off-the-shelf product portfolio and design-to-production solutions, we deliver performance that no one else can. Fractal’s proven solutions are in use in many commercial applications, ranging from cellular infrastructure to telematics and IoT. The company’s fractal antennas have also been adopted by every branch of the U.S. military. In each and every application, Fractal Antenna’s products, components or designs meet or exceed design and performance expectations with powerful, compact, versatile and practical solutions.

Lasting Customer Partnerships

Our customers have always been at the center of what we do, and we form lasting partnerships with our customers. Partnering with both commercial and government customers, we have successfully worked with leaders in essentially every sector of the wireless industry. Together we have worked to deliver some of the most innovative solutions to the most difficult problems in wireless. The greatest testament to our results is the recurring customer - and we have partnered on multiple projects with nearly all of our customers.

Some of our past and present customers include:








Day Wireless

IES Communications








John Deere


General Dynamics


Lockheed Martin

US Army

US Air Force

US Navy




Designed for the future

We believe the future of the wireless industry is fractal, and we are currently involved with the top players at the forefront of wireless to make this a reality. Our small, wideband solutions are ideally situated for the high throughput required by future data demand. Our current product portfolio is designed to meet these future requirements, and we are actively engaged on both device and infrastructure deployments solving the great bottleneck everyone in the wireless industry is battling.