Custom solutions

Design-to-PRoduction solutions to meet your need

Decades of experience

We have developed hundreds of custom products with the world's largest and most technically advanced organizations. Our experience spans all applications with custom solutions deployed in infrastructure, device and government end-uses.

The most unique and powerful toolbox in antenna design

Our vast proprietary fractal antenna and metamaterial element catalog allows us to match the performance you need. We use our in-house ranges, HFSS simulations, and dozens of 3D printers to further accelerate custom development.

Wide spectrum capabilities and diverse form factors

We can build antennas and RF components designed for coverage anywhere from VHF all the way to Ka band. We have direct experience building fractal solutions in a wide range of form factors including: patches, dipoles, monopoles, horns, conformal, biconical, discone, spiral, helical and more

Rapid design to production

We employ agile development processes and rapid prototyping to minimize the time to develop your solution. We go from proof of concept to production faster than anyone else.

Leaders in Arrays, MIMO, and Beamsteering

We were pioneers in arrays, having built large arrays for our customers since 2002. Now with the commercial uptake of arrays, more and more customers come to us. While we do not provide active electronics, we are well versed in creating arrays designed for active phasing / beamsteering.

Capable of most end uses and certifications

We have designed antennas for leading companies in the device, infrastructure, and government segments. We have the experience and capabilities to comply with your requirements (e.g., FAA, FDA, ISO-9000, MIL-SPEC, etc.) and exceed your expectations.

We deliver Results.

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

Carrier-led small cell for 5G smart city application

We are working with a major carrier to develop a wideband, omnidirectional MIMO small cell antenna for sub-6GHz 5G smart city applications. We are actively applying our technology to solve the urban densification problem through wideband solutions which are a fraction of the size and cost of existing technology.

Continuing a deep history in Defense and Intelligence

We found our beginnings in government and defense work, and still actively serve a wide range of defense and intelligence customers and applications. Over our 20+ year history we have worked with every branch of the US military and many agencies to deliver the most advanced wireless technologies, including a wide range of cutting-edge electronic warfare antennas for the protection of people and things.

FAA certified external commercial aviation antenna

We developed and have deployed thousands of antennas for external mounting on commercial aircraft.
These MIMO antennas are FAA certified, aerodynamically optimized, and deliver leading performance for the size.

Custom Development process

Define requirements and scope of work

Realistic specs and timelines are the most critical success factors for any project. We are experts in wireless communication and have deep experience working across device, infrastructure, and government end markets. We will work with you to develop ambitious, yet realistic specs and timelines, setting ourselves up for success.

Initial design and rapid prototyping

We move faster than anyone else. Our vast experience and element catalogue gives us a leg up from the start. We further accelerate the development process with our agile development processes and proprietary rapid development tools. We use a combination of digital simulation (HFSS, genetic optimization) and physical experimentation (3D printing) to reach an accurate solution, quickly.

Finalize design and production ramp

Our business model relies on your success. As a result we have a vested interest to ensure that our solution is the best possible solution for your need. With regular check-ins - sharing physical prototypes and hard data, we collaborate to reach a final design which works. Once finalized, we have the capabilities and relationships to ramp up to full production.


We offer a variety of options for final production. Between our in house manufacturing capabilites and our network of sub-contractors, we can meet nearly any production requirement you desire. We regularly produce products with FAA, FDA, ISO-9000, MIL-SPEC, Made in USA, and other requirements. We also offer technology licensing and private labeling.

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