Fractal Metamaterials

We are pioneers in the world of metamaterials

Demonstration of the "invisible man"

We are leaders in the field of electromagnetic metamaterials, constantly pushing the front of understanding through internal R&D and commercial development

We were among the first organizations to demonstrate the potential of metamaterial technology, most famously through our invisible man experiment - the first practical demonstration of invisibility cloak technology

We hold the fundamental source patents patents in fractal metamaterials, and actively employ this technology in the real world through our commercial and government customers.

Fractal Metamaterials 101

What are metamaterials?

In the broadest sense, metamaterials are simply synthetic materials which exhibit properies not typically found in natural materials. Our electromagnetic metamaterials are composed of closely spaced conductive resonators, which exhibit properties not found in typical conductive materials. These metamaterials convert electromagnetic energy into evanescent surface waves, allowing for the controlled routing and distribution of energy across the surface. This novel characteristic unlocks a wide range of benefits, and enables powerful applications in the domains of cloaking, shielding, absorption and conveyance.

Why fractal metamaterials?

Fractal metamaterials deliver a fundamental benefit over traditional electromagnetic metamaterials. Where conventional metamaterial technology is confined to a very narrow passband, fractal metamaterials are able to achieve wideband and multi-band performance in the fields of cloaking, shielding, absorption and conveyance. With our multi-resonate fractal elements we can achieve solutions (e.g., filters, cloaks, absorbers, etc.) which function over a wide or multi-band frequency range using a single material. This wideband / multi-band performance is critical to employing this technology in real-world commercial and government applications. We are the inventors of fractal metamaterials, and hold the fundamental source patents.

What are the potential applications of fractal metamaterials?

The field of metamaterials is still nacent, and thus the applications are only just emerging. However, the potential of this breakthrough technology is difficult to question. These unique materials and resonators afford fundamental advantages which prove to deliver benefits in a wide range of commercial applications. From wireless charging, to heat transfer, to autonomous vehicles and beyond - the application of metamaterials enables some of the most exciting and breakthrough technologies of our time. As leaders in the space, we are at the forefront of applying metamaterial solutions to these various applications. We have detailed our primary application focus areas below.

How do we provide metamaterials for commercial solutions?

While we are still developing our initial product lines integrating fractal metamaterials, we regularly provide metamaterials-based solutions to our customers through custom development. Whether in you are in the wireless industry or in one of the emergent fields below, we are able to use our technology to custom develop a production grade solution for your need. You can read more about our custom capabilities on our custom solutions page, and can contact us any time with questions or inquiries.

Fractal Metamaterial Applications

Transformative technology powered by fractal metamaterials

Wireless charging


Invisibility cloaks

Metamaterial lenses

RF absorbers / filters

Autonomous vehicle radar

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