DAS, Public Safety & Wifi

The bottom line

We make the top performing DAS antennas available. Period.

Our antennas remove the need to compromise. We deliver wideband performance, market leading gain, and aesthetic form-factors all at a competitive price.

Our solutions are future-proof - designed for 5G, LTE, WiFi 6, CBRS and FirstNet

Our antennas are intrinsically wideband, providing coverage across the entire sub-6GHz spectrum. This gives you maximum flexibility for your end-use; enabling multi-carrier, wifi and converged public safety applications.

We are leaders in SISO and MIMO technologies

Our indoor omnidirectional antennas lead the market in 5G coverage. We also develop the smallest and most economical high performance directional MIMO solutions.

Our products are Carrier and Public Safety Grade

Our solutions are low PIM and Public Safety grade, where required. We have worked with carriers, integrators and public safety professionals for over a decade, making us well attuned to the specific needs of all stakeholders.

DAS PRoduct Families

Wideband antennas for Cellular, Public Safety, and WifI DAS

UACM Family

Wideband coverage from 150-6GHz
Public Safety, Cellular, WiFi, and Converged DAS
Aesthetic design
PIM-rating available
Made in USA

UASM Family

Wideband coverage from 150-4.2GHz
Public Safety, Cellular, WiFi, and Converged DAS
Aesthetic design

dBMAX Family

Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz
Cellular, Public Safety, WiFi, and Converged DAS
Aesthetic design
PIM-rating available

Symphony Family

Wideband coverage from 600-6GHz
High capacity venues
High gain, directional MIMO
Aesthetic design

MAnta Family

Wideband coverage from 1695-6000MHz
Cellular DAS, WiFi, high capacity venues
Directional 4X4 MIMO
Aesthetic design
PIM-rating available

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DAS Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

The Symphony-SP solves the stadium 5G problem

The Symphony-SP is the directional DAS antenna for 5G in stadiums, venues, and other high capacity areas.
It delivers continuous, market-leading wideband coverage from 600MHz-6GHz in an amazingly compact form-factor, and
has been battle tested in a live stadium environment.

UACM delivers mission critical voice to NYC's finest

The New York subway is one of the highest traffic public transit systems in the world. In such a demanding environment, MTA trusts Fractal's UACM
to provide mission critical public safety communications to New York's police and first responders.

Fractal's DAS antennas enabling connectivity around the world

Our DAS antennas enable connectivity for some of the world's leading organizations, and have been
deployed in distributed antenna systems around the world - from across the pond at the BBC headquarters to Harvard's campus in our backyard.

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