Our Technology

we are At the forefront of EM Technology.

DISRUPTING Commercial Electromagnetics with the power of fractals

Fractal Antennas

Invented in 1988 by our founder Dr. Nathan Cohen, fractal antennas have become globally accepted as the highest performing antenna elements available.

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Fractal Metamaterials

We are pioneers in the field of metamaterials. These powerful resonators provide profound benefits applicable to a wide range of end-uses.

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Other Fractal innovations

From batteries, to heat exchangers, to circuit design - we have applied the natural power of fractals to a multitude of additional electromagnetic domains.

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Fractal Antennas

antenna architectures Designed for the future of wireless

WidebanD / Multiband

Fractal geometry creates virtual combination of capacitance and inductance, driving multiple resonances across the same element structure.

Smaller and Lighter

Fractal geometry’s self-inductance and capacitance allow element to shrink in size versus traditional design

Fewer Components

Antennas require less circuitry, with fewer radiative elements to reach desired bandwidth. There are no inductors or capacitors required

Higher Gain

Fractal geometry allows for multiple current maxima across smaller element, increasing gain acheived by the element

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Fractal Metamaterials

Wideband Technologies transforming electromagnetics


Wideband resonators absorb electromagnetic radiation and "cloak" object by cancelling back scatter and enhancing front scatter


Wideband fractal metamaterials prevent electromagnetic penetration by absorbing radiation and diverting it through evanescent surface wave effect


Wideband fractal resonators increase absorptive passband and capacity by distributing energy through evanescent wave effect


Efficient wideband electromagetic energy transfer through the distribution of evanescent surface waves across a surface or area

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Our IP spans a wide range of fractal applications; here are a few examples

Improving density and reducing dendrite formation

Fractal's IP supports the "fractalization" of battery electrodes to increase power density and reduce dendrite formation.
The fractalization technique can be applied to any electrode material (e.g., C, Si, MgX, etc.). Higher density means more time between charges, and fewer dendrites mean safer, longer-lasting battery technology.

Increasing magnetic flux with the power of fractals

We apply fractal geometries to electromagnets to increase the magnetic flux for a given size, or, alternatively, shrink the size for a given flux. This reduction in required size allows you to put electromagnets and solenoids in places previously impossible.

Fractal circuitry reduces circuit board corrosion

We apply fractals to the traces on printed circuit boards to reduce the likelihood of corrosion. Our technology can be applied to any trace or joints of contact with a high voltage differential to reduce the risk of corrosion. Less corrosion means higher reliability electronics and less overall cost.

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