Small Cell & BSA

The bottom line

We custom develop the top performing small cell & BSA solutions available.

We use our wideband elements to meet spectrum and gain requirements in a fraction of the size of "traditional" solutions. We have developed many omni and directional arrays with leading, wideband performance.

Our solutions are future-proof - designed for 5G, LTE, Wifi, and CBRS

Our elements are intrinsically wideband, providing coverage across the entire sub-6GHz spectrum. This gives you maximum flexibility for your end-use, enabling multi-carrier and 5G applications without an "antenna explosion"

Less complexity and lower cost

By using our wideband elements and proprietary manufacturing techniques, we are able to significantly reduce the complexity and thus cost of small cell and BSA solutions. In the past, we have been able to match performance of leading solutions at a fraction of the cost.

We are leaders in active and passive arrays

Our proprietary wideband technology allows us to achieve greater performance out of a single element. This allows us to significantly shrink overall array size for a given performance. While we do not provide active electronics, we are well versed in creating arrays designed for active phasing / beamsteering.

Our products are Carrier Grade

Our solutions are low PIM and designed to spec. We have worked with carriers and integrators for over a decade, making us well attuned to the specific needs of all stakeholders.

Small Cell & BSA Capabilities

CUstom Wideband MIMO Solutions


Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz
Microcell / Metrocell
Omnidirectional MIMO
Arrays for active and passive systems
Aesthetic design

Mimo Panels / Massive MIMO

Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz, 24-28 GHz & 37-39 GHz
MIMO / Massive MIMO
Arrays for active and passive systems
‍Aesthetic design

Embedded in Street Furniture

Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz
Omnidirectional and directional MIMO
Arrays for active and passive systems
Aesthetic and conformal design

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Small Cell & BSA Success Stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

Carrier-led small cell for 5G smart city application

We are working with a major carrier to develop a wideband, omnidirectional MIMO small cell antenna for sub-6GHz 5G smart city applications. We are actively applying our technology to solve the urban densification problem through wideband solutions in small, aesthetic form-factors.

Omnidirectional, wideband sub-6GHz canister solution

We developed an omnidirectional canister with wideband sub-6 GHz coverage. In this design, we maintained a tight height (~15 inches) and diameter (<10 inches) while achieving impressive gain of 16 dBi across key sub-6GHz bands.

Massive MIMO phased array

We developed the antenna array for an electronically steerable massive MIMO system with around 200 active elements. Despite the size and complexity we were still able to achieve wideband performance covering key sub-6GHz bands, in an impressively modest form-factor.

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