Commercial TRansportation

The bottom line

Experience in the most demanding transportation applications

We have developed and produced solutions for commercial aviation, automotive and nautical applications. We have deployed thousands of FAA certified antennas in commercial aircraft around the world. Our solutions are rugged, dependable, and proven.

A diversity of form-factors for a wide range of on-vehicle applications

We apply our technology to a wide range of antenna form-factors - including, but not limited to - patch, chip, dipole, monopole, helix, and others. This allows us to meet the requirements for vehicle-to-network, vehicle-to-environment, and internal vehicle communications.

Wideband antennas for 5G, wifi, bluetooth, and milimeter

Our antennas are intrinsically wideband, and can be designed for a wide range of frequencies. We actively develop solutions for applications from UHF all the way to Ka band, with a particular depth of experience in sub-6 GHz frequencies.

We offer the most compact antennas available for a given performance

Our proprietary antennas and metamaterials allow us to achieve gain requirements in a fraction of the size. We have routinely delivered solutions to our customers which are half the size of equivalent gain solutions from other sources.

Leaders in Arrays, MIMO, and Beamsteering

Our proprietary technology allows us to achieve greater performance out of a single element. This allows us to significantly shrink overall array size for a given performance. While we do not provide active electronics, we are well versed in creating arrays designed for active phasing / beamsteering.

Transportation capabilities

Custom antennas for Aviation, Automotive, and nautical Applications

Vehicle to Network

Sub-6GHz and millimeter coverage
Cellular and Wifi
Leading size versus performance
Experience in aviation, automotive and nautical applications

Vehicle to Environment

Sub-6GHz and millimeter coverage
Radar, V2V, Smart Infrastructure
Aesthetic design
Leading size versus performance
Experience in aviation, automotive, nautical and smart infrastructure applications

Inner Vehicle Comms

Wideband coverage from 617-6GHz
Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth
Leading size versus performance
Experience in aviation, automotive and nautical applications

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Commercial TRansportation success stories

Our products give our customers a competitive advantage

FAA certified external commercial aviation antenna

We developed and have deployed thousands of antennas for external mounting on commercial aircraft. These MIMO antennas are FAA certified, aerodynamically optimized, and deliver leading performance for the size.

Internal FAA certified commercial aircraft antenna

We have shipped and deployed thousands of antennas for use inside commercial aircraft. For example,
our antennas enable critical internal M2M communications for a component of the Dreamliner's internal safety system

Transparent window antenna for wideband comms

We worked with a major auto manufacturer to develop a transparent antenna conformal to car windows.
The transparent antenna acheived exceptional bandwidth with coverage across key sub 6GHz bands.

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