In close collaboration with customers, Fractal Antenna Systems provides customized manufactured products, components and licensed designs to meet the most demanding requirements.

Whether developing complete products or embedded components, Fractal Antenna’s practical solutions are delivered on time and on budget, while meeting or exceeding all performance and form factor requirements.

Fractal Antenna’s products and components are sold directly to customers and are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers. To offer the most attractive pricing options, Fractal Antenna can license designs to OEMs for manufacture and inclusion in their products.

The Fractal Antenna custom product-development process includes the following phases:

Define and Refine Requirements – Fractal Antenna’s engineers work closely with customers to define antenna performance requirements and desired form factor, and to identify cost targets. During this phase, Fractal Antenna draws on its extensive experience and versatile design library to identify a basic antenna design for a specific project.

Scope of Work – During this phase, Fractal Antenna focuses on understanding the goals of the project and establishing clear expectations for the process and finished product, component or design. This phase also includes developing business terms, conditions and timelines.

Prototype Development, Testing and Refinement – In this phase Fractal Antenna’s engineers create a prototype based upon initial ideas and specifications, and then test and refine the design as necessary to prove that the new antenna functions as anticipated. A refined prototype is then provided to the customer for performance evaluation.

Product Production – Once the customer has approved the prototype design, Fractal Antenna creates an engineering package used to produce and test first articles. Thorough testing assures proper operation and conformance to specification and reduces the possibility of changes later in production cycle. Fractal Antenna directs the entire production process, whether it is low-volume internal production of a few antennas or outsourced high-volume production of thousands or millions of units.

Ongoing Support – Fractal Antenna stands behind all of its antennas and provides full support assure that the solution measures up to customer expectations.

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